How much have you been hearing this lately? With the extreme drought, we are definitely being reminded that water is a precious resource. Lack of water has many people fearing the resulting economic impact that is sure to follow.
For the most part we take water for granted, except for times like these. The streams always flow, the lakes have water, and my well pumps every time the faucet is turned. When something is so readily available, we tend to take it for granted.
But what if good quality water was suddenly reduced or eliminated entirely? How would your life be altered?
It could start with trout streams losing flow rate, resulting in fish loss. Or maybe your favorite lake is suddenly low and not as enjoyable. Perhaps there are algae blooms that make enjoying the recreational aspect impossible or even dangerous. Perhaps your well starts to cavitate as it periodically runs dry. These would negatively affect your quality of life.
What if suddenly your well water becomes contaminated with manure runoff? Or your water test shows high levels of nitrates or other chemicals that make it unsafe to drink? These things would certainly affect most every aspect of your day to day life.
These are all things that are a possibility with the introduction of a CAFO. History across the country has shown just such things can, and do happen.
So when we look to the skies during this drought and pray for rain, and we all know this drought will end, think about what you would do if the water problem was man-made, and the cure was not going to be as simple as the God given rain?